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It's important that you're comfortable with not only the functionality and durability of your roof, but its appearance, as well. With our decorative accents, you can add an elegant flair to your exterior decor, giving you yet another reason to be proud of your home!

Get many benefits from copper accents

  • Copper finials

  • Copper cupolas

  • Copper bay windows

  • Copper louvers

  • Lower energy costs

  • Works well with other decorative ornaments

  • Distinctive look

  • Filters noise, direct sunlight, rain

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Why choose copper accents

You can mount them in your yard, rooftops, cupolas, weather vanes or as decorative sculpture. These ornamental pieces add a distinct touch to the exterior of your home. Many homeowners install them the top of a pinnacle, spire, or the gable portion of their roof.

The versatility of copper finials, when incorporated with other architectural designs including awnings, roofing or other decorative ornaments, provides a striking addition to any structure.


Copper roof louvers can be installed on almost any roof and will provide additional ventilation for attic space and help you save money on electricity every month. While they allow in light and air, their angled slats keep out direct sunlight, rain and even noise. And of course they look great from the outside too.


Cupolas provide your attic with extra ventilation, which means lower energy costs for you. Unlike adding a fan or standard attic vent, though, cupolas add beautiful ornamentation to the top of your home. So, not only will you lower your energy bill, you'll also be preserving your roof by letting air escape and protecting it from what the elements could do. We offer products of various brands:

  • Tamko

  • GAF

  • Owens Corning

  • Pabco

  • Grand Manor

  • Cascade

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